New year, new goal template

Obviously, I can’t do all of the things all of the time. I do still have to work, and sleep, and sweep the kitchen floor. So instead of commenting on the things I didn’t do this week, I will stick to the things I have been actively working on. Which means the goal headings will likely change from week to week. (Full goal list, with explanations, here.)


Work. I have a new freelance client. Editing test items. Not glamorous, but every little bit helps.

Health. Working on creating a yoga habit once more. That won’t fix all of my pain issues, but it’ll help. And it’s something I can do inside, which is nice when the weather is sucky. Which in January happens a lot.

Organization. I am trying to find a better way to store my holiday decorations. I’m collecting more and more of them now that I have children. And I love it — really, I do. But I’m running low on shelf space.

Energy. I discovered, quite by accident, that I do just fine on two cups of green tea a day. (I thought I needed at least 3-4.) So I am trying to wean myself back to that level. It’s…not going well. I think I need to regulate my sleep schedule first. (In other words, stop staying up so freaking late.)

Creativity. I have begun looking at the world in terms of things I want to create. Landscapes I want to draw. Color combinations I want to recreate in a piece of jewelry. I haven’t created anything yet, but I am thinking creatively. Which is the first step.

Diet. I have been eating Larabars and calling them fruit. Which is fine, except a Larabar has way more calories than a piece of fruit. I buy good food, and then I work late and tell R to make us grilled cheese and canned soup. Granted, not every week will be as these past few have been. But I do need to come up with a contingency plan for heavy work weeks, because they happen.

Self-care. I realized the other day that a morning meditation session would probably be most helpful for both Anya and me. So I am going to try to work in a quick session during our morning preparations. Mornings are usually hectic, though, so…we’ll see how that goes.


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