Thoughts on resolutions

I want to do resolutions differently this year. Instead of resolving to do things that I think I should be doing, I am making resolutions to solve problems. Not that I don’t have a few shoulda-coulda-wouldas up my sleeve…I do. And a few fun things, too.

I’d meant for 2016 to be such a great year. It was my 42nd, after all. And it was 2016 – an even number, a multiple of 4/8, AND a leap year. All of which seems weirdly significant to me. So I had big expectations. And…well. You know how it turned out.

2017 may be an odd number, and just a plain old year, but it’s the year I turn 43. Now THAT’s a milestone. And I’m determined to make it better than 2016.

Things I want to improve:

  1. Work. I need not just a gig/job, but a financially viable career. One that works with my current lifestyle. Whether that means exploring ways to find editing work (because what I’ve been doing sure as hell isn’t working) or if I just up and change careers, I need to shake things up a bit.
  2. Health. I hurt. Most mornings I peel myself out of bed like a decal off its backing. It takes me half the day to loosen up, and I still hurt in some places when I go to bed. I know there is more than one source for my pain: My lower back is undoubtedly hormonal, my mid-back because I have heavy children, my upper back/neck/jaw stress, my knees and ankles because I have not worked out in months, my hands and wrists RSI. I need to address these issues before the pain becomes permanent.
  3. Social. I need to make friends. I have zero ideas on how to do this, other than park myself on a bench at the park and creep on other mommies, and…no. But I need to reach out beyond my family, for everyone’s sanity. And so maybe my kids will have friends.
  4. Organization. I’ve made great strides this year in streamlining my life so that I can fit everything in. I bitch, but my house is cleaner now than it’s been in years…admittedly because of the Scorched Earth cleaning of Fall 2016. But it’s remained pretty tidy since then, even in the face of Giftmas. So in 2017, I want to figure out ways to keep that going, and improve upon it. Or at least extend the cleanliness to my office, Anya’s room, the yard, and the car.
  5. Trust. This year has done much damage to my opinion of my fellow Americans. (Hell, my fellow humans.) Even though I know the popular vote swung the other way, the voters who counted picked the closed-minded candidate, and now I can’t help but shudder every time I see a pickup with a rebel flag on it. Which, if you are familiar with where I live, is pretty much every time I leave the house. I know good is out there, but right now I am a fleck of blue in a sea of Trump Pence signs, and I don’t like the way that makes me feel about any of us. I’ve also had to do a lot of soul searching recently (big fat blog post to come on that one), and have resolved to be as positive and accepting as I can possibly be in the face of hate. To radiate love, if I can pull that off. Because as my daughter’s playlist insists on telling me (over and over again), haters gonna hate hate hate hate hate.
  6. Energy. Time to dial back the caffeine, yet again. (Zero tolerance for post-noon caffeine is now in effect.) And strict bedtimes, every day. Yes, there are always going to be exceptions. Sleepless nights. Sleepless babies. Work crises. But as much as possible, I would like to rise at 6 a.m each day. That means I need to go to sleep no later than 11 p.m. each night. This is not unreasonable; we begin getting ready for bed around here at 7 p.m. Four hours is plenty of time to prepare to rest.
  7. Creativity. I want to practice drawing. Yeah, I suck. I’ll never get any better if I don’t practice, though. I want to finish my book — at least the first draft. Not because I expect to sell it and become a famous author, but just because I won’t truly feel like a writer until I do. I want to make more jewelry. Do more projects. Blog. Just…do more, period. I don’t want to die having left nothing behind. I want my life to be about more than working and cleaning the house.
  8. Diet. My eating habits are already pretty good. But I could make them better. For instance, I could limit the nights in which I eat a cheese-centric dinner to once or twice a week. I could limit sweets to once a day (or not at all!) I could eat more fruit. Eat more meals at home, from ingredients instead of boxes. I’d feel so much better with just a few changes.
  9. Self-care. Regular exercise and meditation have profound effects on my outlook and well-being. I’ve had reasons for slacking off on the exercise, but starting in January (well, once I take the tree down), I will lose my excuses. Yoga, at least, each day. Meditation every day. When the weather improves, walking. Each weekday at a minimum. Maybe not a set 30 minutes each day; maybe more on free days, and at least some on busy days. Not to be fit or ripped or to impress myself or anyone else, but because my soul requires it.
  10. Fun. Just for grins, I’m setting a resolution in honor of 43t and my 43rd birthday: Complete 43 things in my 43rd year. I’m giving myself a running start at it, as my 43rd year doesn’t start until May. I want to make this year a year of accomplishments, progress, growth. I’m not talking goals like bootcamps and birthday wishes, nor do I mean things like “finish Anya’s blanket” (though I will, so help me, finish that thing this year). I’m talking new things. Mastering wire wrapping. Creating a painting I like enough to hang in my home. Finishing my novel. Making a friend. Putting together a design portfolio. Finishing my indexing course. Taking a trip with my family. Getting involved in my community. Growing a kitchen garden (and not killing it). Things like that. I’ll think more on the list and add it later.

I’ve taken this week off, for preparation and planning. I have started some things (I am, for instance, cutting back on the caffeine this week, and have stocked up on fruits and veggies), but am not going to jump into this hardcore until the magazine’s gone to print and Anya is back in school. In the past, I’ve failed to maintain my resolutions because I tried to start them at the wrong time. So this year I’m trying a transition week. We’ll see how it goes.


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on resolutions

  1. All of my friends are…not here. I went to groups when Isla was younger and met my best friends with kids. I miss them and whenever we go home, we must meet up. Have tried groups here, but it’s, weird.

    I did however meet some cool locals through meetupdotcom years ago. Are Meetup groups still a thing?


    1. I am signed up for Meetup, and there are some local groups that look interesting. But all of the mommy groups meet while I am working, and I barely have any time when I am not working and have someone who can watch the kids. I have promised myself that I will pursue hobbies that might net a couple of friends once the kids are older, but in the meantime, I could still use someone to hang with, you know?


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