Happy new year!

Today (Sunday) was pretty short, for me. We went to a NYE party for the first time in…um…well, I’m certain we’ve been to one, but damned if I can remember when that was. Certainly not since there were children involved. We left pretty shortly after midnight, too, but even still it was 2ish by the time I got to sleep. And that is waaaaay past my bedtime. So while we had a fantastic time, I am tired and out of sorts today. And we had to do Target shopping and a grocery store run. Oh, joy.

But it all got done. Just finished printing up Anya’s January calendar (I love the ink saver calendars from Vertex 42) and entering in dates and color coding (because that’s how I roll) for the next five months. Also knocked out my freelancing, because my computer is being slow as frozen molasses tonight.


Kai is a little chatterbox lately. Earlier today, he was babbling away and Daddy said “You don’t say.” Kai replied, “I DO say!” Later on, I showed him a photo I took of him wearing a hat and sunglasses at Target


and he said. “Cool. Cool. Cool.”



Nothing. But I am going to. If I can figure out where the hell to start, now that my to-read pile has turned into a to-read shelf. Double stacked.

I read this look at that 80s icon, the mall. And it made me both nostalgic and sad.


R keeps telling me I need to check out The Magicians. Also, I watched the latest Gabriel Iglesias the other day (I’m Sorry for What I Said When I Was Hungry), and laughed so hard I nearly wet myself.

Listening to:

Kai and I are back on the Matt Nathanson. Because Matt Nathanson.

Working on:

Today, magazine work. Tomorrow, the house and the weekly menu (and maybe some artsy craftsy stuff? I am so behind on the craft blog…). Tuesday, the journal. After that, well, I’ll have to see where the week takes me.

I also have a resolution list in pieces parts that I will clean up at a later date. Maybe even this week!


Anya is super psyched for Valentine’s Day. I told her it’s a month away. She’s bummed. So I told her we needed to put our heads together and come up with a January celebration. She thought that sounded like a good idea. But then she got sidetracked, and we never finished our discussion. I plan on coming back to that in the next few days. And I can’t wait to celebrate whatever it is we come up with.

Making me happy:

This little face. I mean seriously. He is too much.



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