Closing out the year

Sorry for missing Monday. I’ve been busy with holiday things, and also preoccupied with a few things (blog posts on those to come). And work picked up considerably, so I haven’t had much down time for posting.

Here’s the last December goals post, combined with a Monday update. Next Monday (well, sometime next week, surely) I will post about my intentions for 2017. (I have several.)

I hope you have a great New Year’s Eve, that your New Year’s Day isn’t terribly painful, and that we all have a much better 2017.


Anya got a talking Cabbage Patch doll for Christmas. She loves it, but not as much as Kai does. The doll says “I wuv you,” and Kai runs up and tells it “Wuv you!” The doll says “Tickle tickle,” and Kai giggles and tickles her. It makes me sad that I can’t give him a little brother or sister to dote upon; I think he’d be an amazing big brother. But at least I get this little taste of how it could be.


The kids got a stack of books from Santa, and we’ve been working our way through them. (The standout favorite so far is Cars and Trucks and Things That Go.  Goldbug forever!) I, too, got a stack of books from Santa. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to read them.


I’ve been catching up on NCIS. I didn’t think I’d missed it, but it was surprisingly comfortable to slip back into.

Listening to:

I’ve been missing the holiday music. (I know! I really did not get my fill of Christmas.) I also appear to have reached my limit on shoegazing indie. (I know! Apparently I have reached the point in the depression where the music just makes it worse.) So I have retreated to the comfort food that is my musical youth, and am wallowing in 90s Pop on Spotify. I can’t indulge in a cup of coffee and a Winston anymore, but I bet if I go digging in my jewelry box, I could find a black velvet choker or two. Chokers are cool again, even if I’m not.

Working on:

Work. Lotta lotta work. And I am writing blog posts in my head. And my book…the characters are still resolving their issues in my dreams.


New Year’s Eve. Anya and I drink sparkling juice and eat junk and party like we’re 5. This year, Kai even gets to join in on the fun. Sugar highs all around!

Making me happy:

We are well. It’s true: You don’t appreciate health until you don’t have it. Right now, this very minute, nobody has a fever or diarrhea. The kids and I are mildly congested, but that’s the genetic lot we drew and the place we live. It’s bearable. We are not miserable. That’s everything.

December’s goals

Celebrate. We had a wonderful Christmas. (Which, really, is amazing. More on that later.) I am making plans for New Year’s, which may simply involve the kids and I drinking juice and eating cookies and playing, because their father will be too tired to do much else after working 12 hours. But celebrations don’t have to be big to be fun.

Meditate. I still need to establish a regular practice, but for now my bedtime routine is working well.

Write. This didn’t happen. Not in type, anyway. But in my head, yes. And it’s also going on the resolution list.

Eat better. I’m getting a little better about this. And once we finish these cookies, I’m going to stop baking cookies for a little bit. Because breakfast does not require dessert, dammit.

Review, evaluate, and plan. Lots of that going on in my head. Outside of my head…er, I did the filing and started cleaning the office a bit. I still have to do the shredding, put everything away, and start plotting for the year ahead. More on that in the coming weeks.


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