Countdown to Christmas: Kid Frenzy

Thank goodness for the Calm app. I’d never get Anya to sleep this week without it. She’s been waiting on Christmas all year, and it’s nearly here but just outside her grasp. And it’s making her crazy, so she’s making us crazy.

Hurry, Christmas, hurry fast.

Let’s be honest: Without the Calm app, I wouldn’t be sleeping either. So long as I can fill my head with busy-ness, I can stave off the panic; the minute things slow down even just a little, it gallops back into view. So at least I’m not running on no sleep.


Anya and Kai are so close. I mean, sure, they tussle just like any other siblings. But for the most part, they’re snuggly and cuddly and just really enjoy each other’s company. I am so very glad for both of them.


I follow The Ugly Volvo (a parenting/humor blog), and the latest post didn’t disappoint: The 33-Step Extremely Fun Board Game of Having a Second Child. I find it comforting sometimes to see that I am not alone in feeling that everything will be bad forever. It gives me a small sliver of hope that maybe, just maybe, we are all wrong.


Not much of anything lately. I’m about to dig into the birth episode of Big Bang. Otherwise, it’s been Luna Petunia and Sarah and Duck. The usual.

Listening to:

My children love I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. I don’t remember ever having heard this song before, but Mom tells me it was one of my favorites. Anya also jams out to the remake of Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer and Pentatonix’s Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. You know…the classics.

Working on:

Mostly Christmas and cleaning. I’m hoping to tackle Anya’s blanket this week. Sure would be nice to knock that thing out before the end of the year.


Well, Christmas.

Making me happy:

Every year, I make photo calendars of the kids for the grandparents. For each month, I feature photos of the kids from that month in the current year so we can see how much they’ve grown. (I used to do photo books, too, and someday hope to get back to that. I never made a photo book for Kai’s first year, and for that I am sad.) Making these calendars gives me the chance to do an annual review of my photos, and doing so never fails to remind me what an amazing life I lead. So even when things are bad (I’m looking at you, 2016), I can’t say that they are awful. There is so much good in my life right now. I need to hold on to that.


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