This week was not better

The lice were easily vanquished, thank goodness. And the diarrhea appears to be gone. The C. diff test was inconclusive, so they sent the sample for PCR. The PCR was negative for active C. diff. So while I don’t know what brought on the diarrhea, at least it seems to have resolved without incident.

Knock on every scrap of wood within reach. Drum solos on particle board.

She also has a double ear infection. But given the C. diff issues, they are reluctant to give her an antibiotic for it, so we’re just crossing our fingers and riding it out. Seems like that’s all I can ever do. My family crest probably includes a sled.

I’m in a great mood. Does it show?

I took Anya to the doctor Monday. She recommended that I keep Anya out of school for the rest of the calendar year, to give her immune system time to catch its breath. It’s only pre-K, so that’s not such a big deal; I just hate that she’s missing all the Christmas festivities. We also can’t do many of the activities I’d planned; we went to see Santa at the mall, but we may not make it to Starry Nights or Snowy Nights, and shopping must be kept to a minimum to keep her away from the germy people. And darn it, she loves those germy people.

Plus, we all make each other a little crazy when we’re cooped up together all day long. The holidays don’t change that.

The bills keep piling up, and I still don’t have a job. Or even enough work to get by. But I’m trying not to get too depressed about it. Some day I’ll look back on this. That’s the thought I’m hanging on to right now.

December’s goals

Celebrate. Instead of the outings I’d planned, I’m shifting focus to the things we can do at home. Baking. Making ornaments. Watching movies. Reading stories. I’ll have to suck up my uneasiness about driving at night and take the kids out to see Christmas lights, I guess. I also finished my presents shopping and mailed my cards. Take that, depression.

Meditate. I’ve not met my goal of meditating every day, but I’m at least making most days. Every little bit helps, right?

Write. Not yet. Though if this workload lag continues…

Eat better. This I have been doing. Because eating out is expensive, and vegetables are cheap.

Review, evaluate, and plan. I signed up for health insurance. And I’ve resigned myself to the fact that Anya and Kai will have to do TennCare dental insurance, at least for this next year. Now I just need to shred and file and just generally straighten up my office. And get my tax stuff together…oh, joy.


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