This week will be better

A friend of mine congratulated me on packing all my bad luck into 2016 so 2017 would be clear. I sincerely hope that’s what I’m doing.

Thursday I took Anya’s stool sample to the doctor, so hopefully today I will get the results of the C. diff test. Though I am not a doctor, I’m going to say it’s probably going to come back positive. I’ve grown quite familiar with C. diff poop, having been required to dish it up into little sample cups several times. (Always while fighting off a sinus infection. Because scooping poop isn’t gross enough on its own.) I’m sincerely hoping I am wrong, but this stuff looked and smelled like C. diff poop. My poor baby girl.

As I write this (Friday), Clean ALL The Things: Operation Scorched Earth continues. Today we finish washing laundry and move on to bleaching everything that can be bleached. A little dusting and vacuuming, and this place will be seriously clean. And I will collapse in a puddle of exhaustion, probably.

I’ve had better weeks.


Anya holds my hand while I meditate. And while I tell her she doesn’t have to meditate with me, that she can just wait quietly until I am done, she does. She seems much more even tempered for it. I’m hoping we can turn this into a habit.




Trying to catch up on my shows. Supernatural and Big Bang are the two I tend to fall behind on, because I have to watch them on the computer.

Listening to:

The This Is Us Spotify list is wonderful. I am especially enjoying Sufjan Steven’s Only at Christmastime.

Working on:

Anya once again asked about her blanket. I told her that in order for me to have time to work on it, I need her to help me keep the house clean and let us stay home. (She’s a girl on the go — always wants to go shopping, go to the park, out to eat, to Mimi’s house. Anywhere but here.) She agreed to work with me on that. And since we have the double whammy of lice and diarrhea, I think the kids and I should stick close to home for a few days, keep our germs to ourselves. With any luck, I’ll be able to knock this thing out. It’s really not a large blanket.


Taking the kids to see Santa. Hopefully I can get them crud free for a day or so, so we can do that.

Making me happy:

After several days of Terrible Twos, Kai’s disposition has improved. He is back to being my affectionate snuggle bug. I have been missing my baby cuddles.


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