One big update mess

Sorry I missed last Friday. It was a big steamroller of a week — a heavy workload plus a holiday plus cleaning plus taking down fall decorations and putting up Christmas, including buying a new tree because the old one’s toast. And the kids are still sick, of course. I don’t feel so hot myself. So I’m lumping Friday’s post into this one. With any luck, I will manage another post this coming Friday.


The Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. I’m only partway through episode 3 as I write this, but it’s significantly improved my mood. Love this show. I’m also loving This Is Us; the Thanksgiving episode got me thinking about the holiday traditions I honor, and which ones I’d like to start. And even which I’d like to let go of.


Work. I’m working right now, Saturday afternoon. I think I will make a New Year’s resolution to read for fun every once in a while.


In addition to the aforementioned shows, I actually watched a movie for me last night: The Age of Adeline. It was very pretty, and held my attention in a way mushy movies usually don’t. Which is high praise coming from me. I didn’t really feel the main romantic relationship in it, but thought Blake Lively and Harrison Ford did well in their roles.

Listening to:

Christmas music. I have been digging the Christmas tunes this year. After having been burned out on them for so long, I’m actually enjoying the fact that you hear them everybloodywhere.

Working on:

Um. Well. I still have hopes that I will get to Nano in the next few days. And I have promised my daughter I would work on the afghan I started for her back when I was pregnant with her brother.


We went to Zoo Lights last night, and it was awesome. We’re also planning to attend Starry Nights, and would like to add Snowy Nights (at the Botanic Garden) and the local Christmas parade. I’ve not been to a Christmas parade since I was a little older than Anya. I’m kind of excited about the prospect.

Making me happy:

I have snuggly cuddly babies. I’ve been sleeping in a little this past week, and my babies snuggle with me while I do. It’s lovely.


November’s goals

Make time, take time: Thanksgiving was nice; I spent the day cooking delicious food and eating with my loved ones, then we decorated the house for Christmas. Yesterday after work, we went to Zoo Lights. Tonight I’m hoping to snuggle down in front of the television, watch some Christmas movies, and work on Anya’s blanket. Next week, we’ll take the kids to get pictures with Santa and ride the carousel. I’m loving doing fun things with the family; after all of us being sick for so long, it’s nice to just hang out and enjoy each other.

NaNoWriMo or bust: I’ve not completely given up hope, but it’s looking like I will not make the November 30 deadline. Still, I’ve made a great deal of progress. If I continue, I could still have this thing written by the end of the year.

Embrace whatever comes: Rather than raging against the machine (or the germs, or the fickle job market), I’ve been trying to make the most of what I do have. If we’re all sick, we snuggle up and watch movies. If we can’t afford to do X, we look for cheap/free alternatives. If I can’t do anything about it now, I don’t worry about it now. (I’m trying, anyway.)

Give back: Another thing I need to make time for this week: More One Community work. I did invest in another Kiva loan using the funds I was paid back from loans I’ve already made. It’s $25, but when you don’t have it, $25 is everything.

Create an uplifting, fulfilling morning routine: Admittedly, I didn’t do much on this over the past week. But I’m also hoping to get the Wii hooked back up so I can do yoga on cold mornings.


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