Thanksgiving week is here!

Admittedly, I’m not feeling all that thankful lately. Stressed and tired and bitter, sure. Thankful? That’s a stretch. But I’m working on it.


Kai learns a new word or a new skill just about daily now. He can blow his nose and cover his mouth when he coughs, blow kisses, clasp his hands together to say “please,” and tickle people. (While saying “tickle tickle tickle.” It’s cute.) He can say “naked” now, and “Mi” (for Mimi), and he’s working on “food” (though it’s easily confused with “juice”). He is deeply interested in books (not just ones with pictures, either). And climbing; he is a little monkey, and can climb things I would have never thought he could. Never a dull moment with this boy.


Um…nothing right now. Again. I’ve gotta work on that.


I’m trying to get caught up on TWD. Mostly because I really do think I am going to like Ezekiel, so I need to stay caught up for his episodes. I don’t think this is a season I could stomach binge-watching.

Listening to:

I stumbled across Home by Dishwalla the other day on Spotify. I was not a Dishwalla fan back in the day (my then-boyfriend annoyed me by assuming I would like Counting Blue Cars just because they referred to god as female), but I’m giving them another listen. Perhaps I simply didn’t like that song.

Working on:

I’m trying to get back on track with this book before I run out of November. The past week was a wash; here’s hoping I can turn things around this week.


Gilmore Girls. I didn’t even watch the show during its original run; I was too busy for TV at the time. I only bothered with it once it hit Netflix because so many people went on and on about it; I honestly expected to hate it. I’m so glad I gave it a chance, though. Life can’t be all sci-fi and crime dramas; I need some warm-and-fuzzy (but not hokey) to balance things out. And I can’t wait to see what Stars Hollow has been up to. Perfect hygge fodder.

Making me happy:

I am almost back in my old pants again. I just have to lose a few more pounds, and I will be able to wear clothes I don’t have to tug at every time I move. (Yeah, this is a dumb one. Not much else is going my way at the moment, though, so I’ll take my wins where I can.)


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