A plague on my house

I wrote this yesterday, but didn’t get the chance to post it. Sorry. Updated it for today.

Took Anya to the doctor Friday because she was congested and vomiting (she vomits when she swallows mucus) Thursday night, but she has no infection or chest congestion. Doctor diagnosed her with allergies (sorry, kid) and told me to up her meds. Saturday and Sunday she was better; yesterday and today she has a fever.

Kai had a mild cough Sunday, which went away when I gave him Allegra. Then it came back with sneezing. Yesterday, he was a fountain of green mucus. Sunday night he also had diarrhea – once in the shower with Daddy, the rest in diapers. No diarrhea since, but he did vomit once yesterday. Not sure why; he has shown no signs of being a puker like his father and sister.

My house is a wreck; the only room I got clean this weekend was the living room, and it is a disaster once more. I am behind on work. And I spent yesterday doing laundry. Anya and I have been at each other’s throats for days, too, though we have finally made peace.

My left wrist has been agony for a week. I bought myself a brace, which helps. But as I have tiny wrists, even the smallest braces chafe me. So I wear the brace to alleviate the joint pain, then take it off to alleviate the skin irritation. Just as soon as one abates, I have to switch to address the other. I never completely relieve the pain.

I found myself getting misty while listening to the Shakira song in Zootopia. I am really starting to question whether I am perimenopausal. I quit drinking the soy milk, though, because it was giving me headaches. If there’s anything I don’t need right now, it’s a headache.

I am cramping, on top of all this. Actually, I think they’re ovulation pains. Hard to tell, as I never did start my period. If I am ovulating, I’m having short cycles again. All of which just adds to my perimenopause suspicions. I am not a short cycle girl.


I finally got a little hygge. Yesterday morning, after determining Anya had a fever and I did not, in fact, have to get up right away, I gave her the remote and snuggled down with Kai. He woke up an hour later, but was content to cuddle between Anya and I for half an hour, just nursing and stroking my arm. I wish we could do that every day I don’t work. But he’s a bound-out-of-bed type, so it rarely happens. This morning, after deciding to keep Anya home again (her fever is lower, but still there), she and I cuddled for a couple of hours before I got up. Glad I got those snuggles. I desperately needed them.


The Book with No Pictures. Anya is addicted to it. We read it every night: I read it to her, then she reads it to me.


I am trying to work up the nerve to watch the last two eps of TWD. I just don’t know. I really enjoyed ep 2. (Still refusing to watch the season premiere.) I’m also waiting impatiently for the next episode of This Is Us.

Listening to:

I’ve been singing “Try Everything” for days now.

Working on:

I have done no NaNoing, except inside my head. The urge to edit what I’ve written thus far is strong. I’m trying to resist it, though. If I do nothing else this month, I want to finish the first draft of this book. I can rethink minor plot details like whether my MC starts smoking again or not after I get the story together.


Thanksmas. I need some holiday cheer. Bring it.

Making me happy:

This gorgeous weather. Now if my babies would get well, I could go enjoy it.


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