I’m still here

I’ve just been NaNoWriMoing. Forgive the silence.

I finally got around to ordering a new tablet. Now I’m trying to figure out how it works — well, not so much the tablet as OneDrive. I think it’s going to be really cool once I work out the kinks, though. Earlier today (Friday), I edited a short file on my phone while we sat in the school pickup line, and I could easily work on longer files on my tablet. That I can do so, then pick those same files up on my computer without a flash drive just makes life that much easier. I need more easiers in my life.


During our parent-teacher conference, Anya’s teacher said that Anya brightens everyone’s day. She has a compliment for everyone, and they’re compliments that make you realize she really sees you. That’s my girl.


A lot of stuff on perimenopause. I’m not convinced I’m in it — not yet — but I am thinking I need to be prepared. My day will come. Possibly sooner rather than later.


The Librarians. Good, nerdy fun.

Listening to:

This week’s earworm is In the Sun by Joseph Arthur.

Working on:

Writing! I’ve written nearly 15,000 words on my book for NaNoWriMo. And have at least that many in my head still, just waiting for a free moment so I can let them out.


Honestly, this week’s donation pickup. I am awash in trash bags full of items to be donated; there’s just a path from the door to my office chair free of clutter right now. I’m ready to have the space back!

Making me happy:

Kai is cutting teeth left and right. At present he is cutting one front tooth and two molars simultaneously. The process isn’t pleasant, of course, but when he’s done he can eat even more food! I think we’re both excited about that.


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