This is not my first rodeo with NaNoWriMo. But I’ve never completed it before. I gave up for a lot of years, because if I couldn’t complete it while I was single and child free, how could I do it as a mother working two jobs?

I’m tired of waiting, though. I’ve been writing this same book, in my head and in type, since I was 22 years old. Twenty years. For two decades, this character and her plight have held my imagination. The focus of the book keeps shifting (at times it’s been a horror novel, a thriller, and a romance), but her voice and her tragedies remain the same. I need to write her, so we can move on.

At this point, it’s not so much writing and revising as reimagining the work I’ve already done and bringing it to some sort of completion. I see that I was getting stuck because I didn’t understand the story I was telling. Now I do. So the groundwork is laid; now I just need to shovel in the words. Fifty thousand of them.

Unlike many NaNoWriMoers, I do not have 30 days to produce this work. I only have 4 days a week at my disposal, and I also have to work in that time. So despite the optimistic estimation on the site, I will not be finishing this book by November 10. With any luck, I’ll squeak in at deadline. So blogging may take a back seat for a month. I’m already looking at writing 3,000 words a day; I’m not sure if I have time for blogging on top of that. But we’ll see. I could surprise me.

If not, I’ll at least try to keep up the weekly updates, so I don’t completely lose the blogging habit. Without this blog, I wouldn’t be doing NaNoWriMo.


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