Happy Halloween!

And farewell, October. I’ve enjoyed…parts of you. But I’m not entirely sad to see you go.

Here’s hoping November is better. Or at least less poopy.


I made Kai a Minion jack o’lantern. I didn’t do the best job (carpal tunnel sucks), but he adores it anyway. He looks at it several times a day and cries “Minion!” each time. It’s so cute.


This blog post makes me feel all kinds of better about my failings as a mom.


Trying to catch up on The Librarians. And debating about watching last night’s TWD. I just don’t know, man.

Listening to:

Various meditation tracks and guides. I am trying to chill the f- out so I stop saying f- so much. Because one of these days, my kid is going to stop saying pucking and people are going to give me dirty looks.

Working on:

Fussing over my new business card design. It is so hard to lay stuff like that out in Word.


The Gilmore Girls miniseries. I didn’t realize how much I liked that show, how much I was anticipating the reunion, until I saw the trailer. But oh, how I have missed Stars Hollow.

Making me happy:

Kai has started stroking my cheek and ruffling my hair while he nurses. If I’d weaned him at 6 months or a year, I’d have missed this. It’s worth every bite, twiddle, pinch, and scratch.


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