Here’s hoping this week is better

For various reasons, I have not gotten much work time this week. So I am about to embark on a week’s worth of work…today. (Which is Thursday, in case you were wondering.) Thought I would dash off a quick Monday entry before I dive in, lest it get lost in the shuffle.

A quick update of the less positive things in my life right now:

  • Anya has diarrhea again.
  • After taking her in to the doctor, I had to collect and deliver a second stool sample.
  • I lost an entire day of work to the above.
  • I have to go in tomorrow for an attendance hearing regarding her school absences — which means even more work hours lost.
  • I had a heart-to-heart with my daughter about school, and she told me a) she hates school, b) she is not receiving speech therapy at school, and c) she is bullied daily by a kid in her class, and doesn’t really have any friends. So not only has pre-K soured her on school before she’s learned to tie her shoes, it has failed at precisely the things I sent her to accomplish: speech therapy and friendship. Seriously contemplating homeschool again.
  • I discovered I have not been receiving my electric bill when they turned my power off this week for nonpayment. The matter has been resolved, but I lost half a work day clearing it up.
  • As a freelancer, I don’t get paid time off. I’ve barely worked this week.
  • We never did establish a nonimaginary swear jar. If we had, we could go to Disneyland after this week.

Trying to focus on the positive, though. This too shall pass. Etc.


We made our annual pumpkin patch pilgrimage this week. I think Kai enjoyed it more than Anya. He fought until I put him down, then dashed around squealing and hugging pumpkins. As Anya was a late summer/early fall baby, pumpkins have always played a large role in her life. I’m pleased to see that Kai loves them just as much as she does.


I thought this article was just gorgeous: Read This When No One Loves You.


I am really enjoying Timeless. And I was never a history buff.

Listening to:

I was pleasantly surprised to hear this arrangement of Time After Time on This Is Us. And now I can’t stop listening to it from a parent-child point of view. The lyrics don’t entirely fit, perhaps, but now I get misty every time I listen to them.

Working on:

I’ve come to realize that my walking playlist is setting me up to start the day stressed out and defensive. The songs are powerful, and the drums get my legs and heart pumping, but I’d prefer a more mindful and positive start to my day. So I am scoping out walking meditations and uplifting music. Something that helps me keep my pace, but doesn’t invoke all that angst.


Zoo Boo! Kai is old enough to understand what’s going on this year. And he loveslovesLOVES his Minion costume. “Minion!” he cries every time he sees it. This is going to be awesome.

Making me happy:

I finally found a concealer that works — really works — and doesn’t irritate my eyes. Only took me 30 years.


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