More thoughts on stuff and cleaning and clutter

The other day I treated myself to some makeup from Sephora. I am beginning to see the attraction of more expensive makeup; it really is better. And, based on the quantities I am using, should last much longer. I’m not 100% sold on the shade of BB cream I bought; I’m trying to split the difference between my freckles and the pale skin between them, and I think I may have gone too dark. But the nice thing about Sephora is I can return it. My quest for makeup that suits my new normal (aging skin, a plethora of freckles, mom-of-toddler undereye bags and dark circles) has been educational in more ways than one. I’m finally beginning to understand that, truly, cheaper is not always better.

Nor is homemade. I have returned to commercial dishwasher soap. Over the weekend, my homemade stuff just…quit working. I ran the same load through twice, and both times they came out filmy and speckled in food. We did nothing different, so I am not sure what the heck happened there. I’m still nervous about the store-bought stuff, though — the whole reason I was making our soap to begin with is because I was afraid the kids would get into the soap and eat it. Especially Kai, as he can defeat the child locks on our cabinets. (Clever little bugger.) So I cleared an overhead cabinet shelf, and store the soap up there. It’s not the ideal solution, but it’ll do for now.

I’ve almost eliminated my homemade cleaners, in fact. I’ve finally found a free and clear laundry soap that doesn’t break me out in a rash (Simple Truth, from Kroger). After Anya’s month-o’diarrhea, I have become a bleached bathroom convert. (Probably not a bad thing, as Kai is fast approaching the potty-training stage.) I’ve been beyond pleased with the results of the Green Works all-purpose cleaner. So pretty much the only thing I still clean with vinegar is the kitchen floor. I don’t think I’m saving that much there, though, so I will probably switch back to Mr. Clean (if I can find one with a fragrance that doesn’t irritate my allergies). Like the yard service (and the cleaning service, when I could afford it), the time savings involved in buying store-bought cleaners seems to offset the extra work involved in making and using homemade stuff. And as a freelancer, my time is literally money.

But it’s not just that. I started an afghan for my daughter when I was making Kai’s baby blanket. It’s still half-finished. I would much rather spend my spare time working on stuff like that than making homemade laundry soap.


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