Going with the flow

Edit: I didn’t realize until I received the notification that this had posted that I forgot to give it a title. It truly has been a hectic week.

This month has not gone according to plan. But do they ever? I’m practicing going with the flow. Making plans, but expecting roadblocks. Steering into the spins. I have a few posts I’ve been wanting to write, but have not had the time to do them justice. So I will hold off for now. And hold on; this month has been a wilder ride than I was expecting.


October. October. I even love the feel of the word in my mouth. It’s all crisp air and apples and round orange pumpkins and downpours of golden leaves. You can keep your flip-flops and beach towels; I’ll stick with my sweaters and boots.


I sorted through my reference books and donated a few. That’s the closest I’ve come to reading this week.


Love This Is Us.

Listening to:

Kai and I are still on our Matt Nathanson kick.

Working on:

I am still decluttering. And Anya and I made a present for Mimi’s birthday. Pics to come on Sakura Oliver.


Zoo Boo! Kai is old enough to enjoy it this year. I can’t wait to see what he thinks of it.

Making me happy:

Anya is getting so good at writing her letters. It’s amazing to me that we teach that in pre-K now. I worry that she will burn out, though. Why must they learn so much so fast?


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