Like it’s my job

Yesterday morning, my computer would not boot. It would get to a certain point in the process, then stop. I’ve been through this dance more than once, so at first I was calm. I turned it off and turned it back on.

A few times.

I stuffed down the first bubbles of panic and called in R. He built it. He could fix it, surely.

It wouldn’t boot for him, either.

The bubbles brought friends. But all was not lost. I could always work from the laptop.

The laptop no longer has a valid copy of Word. My current version of Word is Office 365. Which is only good on one device: the tower. I have the Word app on my phone, but I am not editing 16 pages on my phone. Plus I have PDFs I need to look at and mark up. Argh.

The panic began to fizz. In to Best Buy.

Talk with a Geek Squad guy who was just a little condescending (just because I didn’t build it doesn’t mean I’m clueless about computers, dude). The computer boots for him.

Bring it home, plug it back in: Bootage.

Also, backupage. Backing up of backups. Hello OneDrive, my new friend. Let’s get acquainted.

My irreplaceable memories, my photos and videos and writing about the kids, are all in the cloud. (Not that I don’t need to back those up, too; I do. It’s on the list.) Nothing I would have lost, had I lost this hard drive, would have broken me. But it would have made life very difficult for several months. Everything is in this box. EVERYTHING. All my work files and my accounting files, my resume, my records, my personal organization files, my Christmas card address list (because when else do I actually mail things to people?)…it’s all in here.

I’m a freelancer now. Full stop. This is my work computer. Time to start treating it as such.

So once I catch up on what I didn’t get done this morning, I will go get a new hard drive. (GeekSquad guy says mine is geriatric. He’s not wrong. My “extra” money has been going to frivolous things like food and electricity and baby diapers.) I will get my own dedicated external hard drive for backups. And a new tablet, so I have something to fall back on in case of future system failure. Because let’s be honest: There will be a future system failure. It’s a testament to R’s computer skills that I’ve gone this long without one, but there is no way to prevent them entirely.

And work, like progress, and time, and dust, waits for no one.


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