Pursuing happiness

“Now and then it’s good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”

— Guillaume Appollinaire

I struggle with this concept a lot. My first clue that it was a major issue with me came while playing Sims. I would push my Sims to their very limits to master all skills, climb the corporate ladder, marry, have children, and master hobbies just as swiftly as they could, at the sacrifice of their health and happiness. I would toil away on their homes, creating architectural masterpieces (while my own fell further into dust and disarray). And then, once they achieved everything they (I) had worked so hard for…I became bored with them and created a new family.

Can’t do that in real life. Well, of course I could. But what a headache.

Not that I’ve mastered anything. Far from it. But I have run myself ragged. And it occurs to me that I’ve not taken nearly enough time to enjoy the meager fruits of my labors.

So while I have a ton of work on my plate right now, I’m knocking off early to go play with my kids and enjoy some autumn sunshine.

I think my Sims would approve.


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