Closet-cleaning season

These Monday posts help me considerably. Not because I need an “easy” entry (though I sometimes do) to maintain my posting schedule, and not because my answers are always interesting (because who is interesting all the time?), but because they keep me out of my rut. Knowing that once a week I will list how I am spending my time and what I have been thinking about keeps me from doing the work-eat-sleep-repeat thing. When I am 80, I don’t want to look back and see that I spent my every waking moment working and shopping and cleaning the house. I want to make things, go places, do something that’s even a little meaningful.

Thanks for keeping me accountable.


October. Love this weather. I could go for a year of Octobers.


I thought this was cool: Happy and Unhappy


When I went to start the new season of NCIS, I was lost. Because I’d forgotten that I didn’t watch last season. Oops. Catching up now.

Listening to:

This week’s earworm is Moses Mayfield’s “Element.” Which I would link if Spotify weren’t acting up.

Working on:

I’m starting to incorporate volunteer work into my work day. It’s going slowly at first, but that’s to be expected.

I am also participating in the minimalism challenge: Each day during the month of October, you get rid of unwanted items. I’m doing the count in reverse: 31 items on October 1st, 30 items on the 2nd, and so forth. Mostly what I am getting rid of is clothing; I have a huge backlog of clothes that I’ve had for years, which I cannot fit into now but hope that at some point I will be able to wear again. Thing is, I’ve had some of it so long that it’s no longer in style. Why am I storing that stuff? Out it goes. I’ve done purges like this in the past, but still find myself hanging on to junk I don’t want, need, or use. So I’m at it again.


Mom’s birthday is next week. Birthdays are always fun.

Making me happy:

Anya isn’t well yet, but she’s better. There is a difference. And it’s huge. My poor sweet girl.


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