We are what we repeatedly do

Or, in my case, write about.

My life is revealed in the trends. Timehop, 10Q, and PopClogs show me my sticking points. The things I need to address.

I’m listening. Finally.

This month, I will take time for me.

  • Weather and health permitting, I will walk every weekday.
    Yesterday morning I snuck out for a walk (Anya is still too unwell for school). Turns out I am not as well as I thought; I had to quit after 45 minutes because I was hacking and snuffling. But I did get approximately 5k steps in that time, and I felt much better for them; my back, knee, and ankle no longer hurt, anyway.
  • I will treat my body like I care for it.
    I took the time to fill a bottle of water before I left for my walk, and drank it on the way home. Boom – 20 oz down. It really is that easy. I just need to do it. After I got home, nursed Kai and snuggled Anya (who had awakened, tearfully, in my absence), I grabbed a bite to eat and showered before settling in at my desk. I can eat a tub of yogurt in a couple of minutes, and how much more pleasant is it to focus on my food than to shovel it in while working? A lazy shower, moisturizer, makeup, and jewelry only take me 20 minutes to pull off, but I feel so much better for having done them. Twenty minutes isn’t going to make or break me.
  • First things first.
    Before I went into my office, I went through another of my clothing storage tubs (I’m doing a decluttering challenge this month) and weeded out a few things. If I’d waited until after work, likely it wouldn’t have gotten done. And it only took 10 minutes of my time. I then updated my PopClogs entries, my to-do list, and my blog before I started work. Not procrastination — Facebook is procrastination. These are things I need to do for me. Because my needs count, too, and sometimes I have to address them first to keep them from falling by the wayside.
  • I will celebrate the season, guilt free.
    Did I need the new Halloween wreath I bought for the front door? Well, I can’t eat it, no. But it makes me so very happy. And that is just as important as food, damn it. Yes, I know we are broke, and my job hunt isn’t moving as fast as I’d like, and resources are finite. But it’s not like I went out and bought a $200 Halloween costume, for pete’s sake. It’s a $20 wreath. Likewise, it is kind of a waste of apples to bake a pie; even when I share some of it with my parents, part of it will go to waste because R is not a pie kinda guy. But Anya has been asking for an apple pie since August, so just as soon as her little tummy can handle sweets again, I am baking her a damn pie. And since I brought it up…
  • With gawd as mah witness, ah will COOK again!
    Seriously…this packaged crap has got to go. I’ve been living on canned soup, and the kids and R have been all noodles, all the time. Necessarily, of course (sad tummies like starchy foods), but still. I want to make potato soup, sweet potato casserole, baked squash soup (I like Panera’s, but it is a little sweet), pot pie, soft pretzels, roasted veggies, apple pie, sugar cookies…I have a list. Once the kids are well, I will cook and we will eat and tummies will be happy.

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