Kids these days

I am Gen X, through and through. But in a lot of ways, I’m very Millennial. For instance, this list is absolutely true of me. I want to join a company and stay with them for a while, but in order for me to be happy doing so, I need the things on that list. (Especially #4.) Scoff if you want, Boomers, but I am not willing to break my back in the hopes that I can start enjoying my life when I retire. I want to enjoy my life all the way through, thank you very much. As I spend a third of my life working, it’s very important to me that my job does not suck, and that it allows me to have a life outside of work. My retirement is not guaranteed; even if I do get to retire, there is absolutely no indication, based on my familial history, that I will be well enough to enjoy it.

Speaking of generational differences, it occurred to me recently (okay, while walking — my thought process while sweating off my middle-aged inadequacies is very stream of consciousness) that I don’t see bathroom graffiti like I used to. I suppose I may simply be frequenting a better class of restrooms, but I suspect social media has more to do with it. When you have a plethora of platforms at your disposal that allow you to announce your every thought to billions of strangers on a whim, why bother scribbling on stall walls? (Besides, who has an ink pen with them anymore? I only carry one so I can endorse checks before depositing them in the ATM.) I can’t say I miss the mess. Even if I cared who you think is the finest guy on earth (to pick one of the less crude opinions), I don’t need that intel while peeing.

And on that note…


Kai is very interested in the potty. Not that we’re pressuring him. I’m cool with providing him with the tools he needs and letting him figure things out in his own time; I’d rather change a diaper than clean up a puddle, frankly. But he is practicing taking off his clothes, and he’s boycotting diapers in favor of pull-ups. I have also caught him studying R’s bathroom habits like he’s going to be tested on them (which he kind of is). I love watching him learn things. It’s evident, even at 18 months, that he’s a little scholar. And he is a quick learner. So we may be done with diapers sooner than I anticipated.


Kai is in love with this Dory book that plays sounds. Anya? Anya resists me reading to her sometimes, and she is in one of those headstrong swings now. So I read her books — not to her, but to myself, which often has the effect of making her so jealous that she asks me to read them out loud. In other words: I am reading, but nothing I particularly care to read. Not this week.


Not much new here. More Good Eats. At least we’re eating better as a result.

Listening to:

I’ve been checking out Kiernan McMullen on Spotify. Good stuff.

Working on:

Living a healthy lifestyle. I already do pretty well at this, but there’s always room for improvement. And a few weeks ago, I got a wake-up call: a guy I grew up with had a quadruple bypass. So I’m that age now. Time to start getting serious about taking better care of myself.


Fair season is now over, and it is officially fall. (Okay, it will be in a couple of days. Close enough.) Time to bake and cook, go to the corn maze, carve pumpkins, break out the sweaters, buy new boots, and figure out what we’re all going to be for Halloween. Oh, how I love autumn!

Making me happy:

Had a positive interview this past week. Keep your fingers crossed…


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