Opinions are like…

I see all these people passionately discussing of-the-moment topics on Twitter and Facebook and think, “Sure, I used to have opinions, but then I had kids.” But that’s a lie. I didn’t have opinions about trending topics before I had kids, and I’m not sure why I feel I should now. Truth is, I have always been content to be doing my thing off in a corner somewhere, adjacent to but not quite in the world. Why stop now?


Anya is in Super Helpful mode. I know it’s because she is trying to earn treats, but I’ll take it. Without prompting, she cleaned out the fridge — even wiped down the shelves. When she was finished, she told me, “Now you never have to do this all on your own.” Love, love, love this girl.


Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. Dare I confess — I am already fantastically sick of this book. Most kid lit I can handle, but I am tired of these bratty letters and their antics. However, Anya adores it, so I suffer in silence.


Nothing much at the moment. I ponied up for another season of Good Eats, so we’re watching that. Food. AB with 80s hair. Ma Mae. Good times.

Listening to:

I need some new tunes, but everything I listen to lately annoys me. I’m starting to think maybe I am just crabby.

Working on:

I finally launched Anya’s Etsy shop. But then my freelancing queue exploded, and Anya’s crud turned into a sinus infection (with vomiting and diarrhea, for added fun!), so we didn’t get the chance to make anything new.


If we can all get well by then, Munford Celebrate is coming up. That’s always fun.

Making me happy:

The Calm app’s Deep Sleep meditation. I’ve been listening to the 20-minute meditation each night after Anya goes to sleep. I never make it all the way through; in fact, I usually nod out after a minute or two. And I sleep so, so soundly. I cannot recommend this app highly enough.


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