A new week, new month

We are finally on the mend. ::knock wood:: I feel like I am playing catch-up now — taking care of everything that fell apart while we were sick. It isn’t an entirely bad feeling, though. I am emerging from my chrysalis of Kleenex. Hopefully I get to be a butterfly for a bit, until it all falls apart again.


It is cooler. I am happy. Bring on the pumpkin!


Lots of kids’ books. Anya’s teacher has challenged them to read 100 books by April. We are already a quarter of the way there.


Not much this week. Kids’ shows. And the movie trinity: Wreck-It Ralph, Minions, Hotel Transylvania 2.

Listening to:

I keep catching myself humming “Love My Way.”

Working on:

Getting my plates spinning again. I have the house mostly clean. This week is going to be about taking care of the neglected areas.


The fair. I love the fair. It never lives up to my memories of childhood fairs, but in all honesty they probably weren’t so great, either. I still enjoy the excitement.

Making me happy:

This mop. It is the perfect example of something that simply and elegantly makes my life easier.20160901_085352


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