From 45 to 33

(That’s a vinyl reference, kids.)

I have been a SAHM this week. R is out of town, and the kids are sick. So I have begged off of all but the most minor of freelancing assignments, paused my job hunt, and have just mommed all week. My days have been about wiping noses and snuggling babies, not editing scientific articles. We read books, sang songs, watched TV while curled up in a big pile in the recliner. I baked oatmeal cookies. For once, the laundry is clean and put away, the trash cans are empty, the house clean (just don’t look in Anya’s room or the office). This week, my job has been taking care of my family and my home.

It’s been…nice.

I used to think that I would go crazy as a SAHM. That I would get bored. Now I see that I could do it; when I got bored, I could work in a project, or go for a walk, or bake something. I would make an awesome SAHM.

Sadly, we can’t afford for me to be one. Such is life.

But maybe I should push harder to make full-time freelancing work. If I could set my schedule and hours, I could be more of a hands-on mom. I think I would be happier that way. I know my kids would be.


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