Anticipating September

August…could have been better. We had a lot of fun for Anya’s birthday, but the rest of the month was kind of a wash. But September is approaching, and with it come so many of my favorite things: Fairs. Cooler weather. The promise of fall. With any luck, I will be feeling better soon and can get back to crafting and baking — I have a bag of apples in the fridge just itching to be made into a crumble.


Summer is not quite done with us yet, but the temperatures are wandering downward. Keep going, guys — you know the way.


Between the head full of gunk and the sleeplessness…nada. Farm Heroes Super Saga is too mentally taxing for me lately.


Still hanging in Neptune. I’ve finally made it to Hearst College.

Listening to:

I’ve been digging this stripped-down version of “In Your Eyes.”

Working on:

Surviving. And in quiet moments after the kids are asleep, I tap out sentences, paragraphs, even passages into a text file on my phone. I may not be working on my book, per se, but I’m amassing a junk drawer of pieces parts to flesh out the existing chapters with.


Kai was too little to enjoy the fair last year. I am looking forward to introducing it to him this year.

Making me happy:

Today is my BFF’s birthday. Hope you’re having a good one, Danedane. Love you big much.

2 thoughts on “Anticipating September

  1. Anticipating September…. me too. August has not been great here either :-| I’m feeling awash with stacked-up blog posts, but maybe…. Maybe I’ll just ‘borrow’ your title, Nicole – and start looking forward with anticipation instead of looking back at what still needs to be done :-)


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