I will follow you into the dark

Last week, we buried my great-aunt. The trip didn’t go as planned; Mom’s still sick from the Kid Crud from July, and the kids and I got sick right before the trip. It was an extra tissues kind of trip, and not just because we were in mourning.

Because we all felt so bad, I didn’t get to spend nearly enough time with my extended family as I’d wanted. I suppose that was for the best; I would have hated to give this crud to them. I really wanted to spend some time with them, though. I need to make that a priority while we’re all still around. I want my kids to have memories of their family members — not just memories of their photographs.

I did, however, add to my breastfeeding list: I have now nursed Kai during a requiem mass. And not one person (that I noticed) gave me side eye or made a snide remark. Bonus points: The mass was held in the church where my parents got married. I felt all circle of life, nursing Kai there.

Now I would like for us to all get well and stay well. At least for a little while. Please?


My cousin Ellen (Isabel’s daughter) told us that when she talked to Isabel last, Isabel didn’t remember she’d fallen. (She had early Alzheimer’s.) She thought she was in the hospital to learn exercises to teach her fellow nursing home residents, so that they could live longer, healthier lives. Isabel was a teacher until the very end.


I read Chicka Chicka Boom Boom twice last night; does that count?


Nothing exciting at the moment, to be honest.

Listening to:

The song mentioned in the post title, by Death Cab for Cutie, has been stuck in my head for days. It came up on my Spotify as we were driving from the church to the cemetery to bury Isabel. Sometimes my Spotify has amazing timing.

Working on:

Returning to normality. And kicking this sinus infection.


Tomorrow is my parents’ 47th wedding anniversary. Anya and I are throwing a little party for them. Just dinner, nothing fancy. But I believe in celebrating all milestones, big and small. And Anya believes in parties.

Making me happy:

I am not at all happy that Kai has been sick, or that he’s sick enough to warrant blowing his nose. But I do think it’s adorable watching him do so. Such a clever boy. (Also, I don’t have to use the nose sucker on him. That in itself is cause for celebration.)


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