Video games are the new gym

Several years ago, R upped my fitness game by buying me a Wii. Using Wii Fit, I got in the best shape of my life. And then I sprained my ankle (not working out — just being my normal, klutzy self), and a few months later I got pregnant, and fitness went out the window.

This month, I’ve started playing Pokemon with R and Anya. We play almost every night R doesn’t work. And it’s really helped my walking goals — I haven’t gotten fewer than 5,000 steps a day since I installed the game. With a little luck, I’ll get back up to 10,000 steps a day before it gets too cold and rainy to play.

You can keep your spandex and free weights. I’ll get my workout catching animated characters at my local park.


Anya and the chore chart are still going strong. She looks for ways to help now. It’s such a refreshing change of pace from the toddler tantrums. Which is good, because Kai is picking up her slack there.


I won’t lie. I haven’t even picked up a book, except for children’s books, since last Monday. Work, and job ads, is all I’ve read this past week.


I’ve been crazy busy as of late, and as such haven’t really had much watching time. But I do sneak in an episode or two of Veronica Mars when I can.

Listening to:

This week’s earworm is Amnesia, by Virgil. Ah, the angst. How I don’t miss it.

Working on:

I’ve had a bit more work than usual this past week. May this be the start of an upward trend!


This week is starting off sad; tomorrow we bury my great-aunt. But we will also get to see family, which is nice. And when we return, Anya will start school full time and turn 5! It’s gonna be a full week.

Making me happy:

It’s not been quite as hot lately. It’s still hot –don’t get me wrong. But not face-meltingly hot. Fall isn’t here yet, but she’s whispering to us.


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