Finally getting back on track here

The other day, Anya asked for a chore chart from the Target dollar bin. I agreed, mostly out of curiosity. This is the child that will refuse to do something she wants to do if you ask her to do it. What would a chore chart do?

Make her a model child, that’s what.

I told her that if she gets 24 stars in a week (there are 6 chores listed – I am not asking for perfection here), she would get a prize. And she has been so well behaved, it’s almost scary. Puts her clothes in the hamper and picks up her toys and helps me with the house without fussing. Without prompting. Now let’s see if she can keep it up.


We have been playing Pokemon Go on R’s days off. I love that we finally have an activity we can do together that we all enjoy and that gets us out of the house being active. Doesn’t get much better than that.


Still trying to fit in My Grandmother. It’s been a busy week.


We watched Netflix’s The Little Prince over the weekend. And I remembered why I always had mixed feelings about the book. I sobbed. Openly. Anya was fine until she saw that; then she, too, sobbed. When the movie was over, we held each other for a good five minutes and had a messy, gasping cry together. Afterwards, we had to go visit Mimi, though I’d initially said no to that (Mimi has been slow to kick the kid crud; I thought she could use a break).

It’s really quite good, though. As good as the book. I highly recommend it. But keep the tissues handy.

Listening to:

While out shopping, I had on my Spotify and Sarah Harmer’s “Basement Apartment” came on. Kai was grooving. Nodding his head and tapping his feet, all smiles. This is why I don’t play Anya’s music all the time. I’d miss out on this cuteness.

Working on:

I’ve been spiffying up the house in preparation for Anya’s home visit from her teacher. This week, though, it’s craft time. I’m two weeks behind on my craft blog.


Anya’s fifth birthday is just around the corner. It should be an…interesting party. She wants a Shadow (a character from Sonic the Hedgehog) party. Not Sonic – Shadow. Do you know how hard it is to find Shadow party gear? Still, I’m doing my best.

Making me happy:

Kai asked for beans today at Mimi’s house. I warmed some up…a little too warm. He was impatiently waiting for me to put them on his plate, so I made a show of blowing on them in front of him, so he would see they were too hot. When I put them on his plate, he blew on them. My baby can blow on hot food! That’s gotta be a milestone, right?


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