Down, but not out

Sorry for the radio silence. I developed conjunctivitis on top of my upper respiratory infection, and was banished from my contacts for a week. (With any luck, I will get to wear them again in a couple of days.) I can’t really see too well out of my glasses, so I’ve had a headache for days. Also, I’m still a bit wrung out from my illness. Whatever the hell that was, it kicked my butt. Blogging just wasn’t happening under the circumstances. Hopefully this week will be better.


I’ve had lots of snuggle time with my kids while I was sick. Also, it was kind of a forced vacation, which I desperately needed. I worked, but not hard. Sometimes I think my body gets sick to make me take a break. This is one of those times.


I finished In the Shadow of Blackbirds (haunting, even if you don’t believe in the paranormal) and am now on to My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She’s Sorry.


I finished Limitless (strong start, lukewarm finish, but ultimately charming) and Stranger Things (LOVED this one). Not sure what I’m moving on to now. I’m kind of tired of watching TV, to be honest. I’m ready to get out of bed and get stuff done.

Listening to:

I have fallen in love with “Our Song” by The Spill Canvas. I’m currently going through their other songs, hoping for new favorites.

Working on:

As much as possible, the house. I need to get this stuff done so I can move on to bigger and more fun projects.


The first day of pre-K approaches. Also, there’s a latch-on event I’m looking forward to. I missed last year’s events – maybe I can make the ones this year.

Making me happy:

I’ve been writing again – snatches here and there. It feels good. I almost feel like myself.


One thought on “Down, but not out

  1. Glad you’re recovering, Nicole; I was aware of your absence. Funny you chose ‘writing’ as your ‘thing that made me happy’ – I’ve been finding much the same thing (and said as much on CoC but in a great many more rambling words). It’s now a fact that I’ve finally understood: I need to write :-)


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