The Kid Crud persists

No deep, introspective post today. I am still in the throes of…whatever this is. My sinuses are full of lava, my throat is raw, I have a variety of gastrointestinal complaints, and now I apparently have conjunctivitis in my left eye. I am also winding up my first period in 2 years. It has been…intense. If overnights are supposed to last 8 hours, the weekend was at least a week long. I am now down 8 lbs (not that I am complaining about that part). So this week has taken its toll.

Plus Kai is sick; he is finally recovering from his diarrhea, but he is stuffy and feels bad. Last night he was awake from 2 to 5. Suffice to say I was worthless today.

I may not post much the rest of this week; I have two big freelancing projects due Monday. But I will hopefully be back up and running next week.


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