The wisdom of children

The other night, Anya and I were snuggled up together in bed, watching Good Eats with the lights off. Kai was asleep between us, and she was nearly asleep herself. I was holding her hand, gently shushing everything she said because I knew the minute she stopped talking she’d go to sleep.

Then she came at me out of left field.

Anya, stroking my hand: Why you cry the other day?

Me: Because I’m scared.

Anya: Because you don’t have a job?

Me: Yeah. I am worried that I won’t be able to take care of you and Kai.

Anya: But Mommy, you be okay. You just think about that good job you want, and you will get it. It be okay. You see.

I smiled at her. She stopped stroking my hand and squeezed it.

Anya: So you no more cry no more! You cry, make me cry. I no want to cry. So be happy!

This last bit was an order. I’ve been doing my best to comply with it.


Short work days. It’s nice to not have to shove all my personal tasks to the weekends.


I finished Ove! Granted, it’s because Kai had a couple of sleepless nights and then I was sick in bed for days, but still…I am reading again! Now I am back on In the Shadow of Blackbirds, which I started over a year ago.


Limitless. I got caught up on Wayward Pines. Not sure I am sticking with it; it’s not as good this season.

Listening to:

Nothing new last week. Must fix that.

Working on:

The house. Slowly but surely, I am cleaning this heap. (Though I am taking a break until my sinus infection abates.)


Anya’s first day of school. Though I would be lying if I said there isn’t also a fair amount of dread involved.

Making me happy:

My snuggly, cuddly, wise little woman-child.


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