Mapping my days (and weeks, and months)

Part of accomplishing what I want to do involves streamlining what I need to do. So I am toying with theme days (Fix-it Friday, for example). In order to best decide how to implement this idea, I’m making a master list of reminders. Everything I write myself a reminder to do, and everything I want to do regularly but don’t. Literally everything that is not automatic is going on this list. I’m not putting things like “brush and floss my teeth,” but I am putting things like “tidy the living room each evening,” “change the oil in the car,” and “read for fun.”

It’s one long list.

But it is helping me get a handle on the things I want to run like clockwork. Which I really need help with at this point. Because I want to do so much more than just keep the lights on and the engine running – I want to do things, make things, go places.

And I’d really like to do it in clean underwear.

It occurs to me that the reason I’ve been failing at working more activities into my days is that I’ve been all over the place. I’ve been trying to cram all of this activity into my days when I don’t have a handle on my weeks, and trying to schedule my weeks when I don’t have a grasp of the big picture. I’ve been setting reminders and ignoring them. Or worse, cussing them and then ignoring them.

So I have a huge, ridiculous list. And it’ll get bigger before I get control of it – I know I’m not thinking of everything. But when I’m through, I think I’ll have a much better grasp on what needs to be done when…and, more importantly, how to fit it all in.




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