Life doesn’t stop for unemployment

Unemployment, here I come. Though hopefully not for long; I’ve applied to dozens of jobs already. While I admit to no small amount of panic about this new phase in my life, I’m trying to be smart about it. Life doesn’t stop for unemployment.

In the past, I have frozen in the face of adversity. Not eaten. Not slept. Ruminated and stressed and Chicken Littled myself into an anxious ball of energy. I powered my way through obstacles by sheer force of will, fueled by caffeine, nicotine, and stomach acid.

Not this time.

There is still beauty in the world. Just because I don’t have a full-time job doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy that beauty. So I will eat. Good food. Rest. Exercise. Take care of my children, my partner, myself.

I wanted more time. Now I have it. I will do all those things I’ve been putting off – the cleaning, the projects, the self-care.

I will take advantage of this time with my family. It will go too quickly. As all time does. And I’ll be overworked again soon enough.


Anya is being super supportive of me during this time. Of course, if she had her way, I wouldn’t go back to work at all. She’s even offered up the contents of her piggy bank to offset expenses.


My to-read stack keeps growing. But I am still plugging away at Ove. I didn’t get a chance to read last week, but this week I’m going to shoot for 4 chapters. In fact, that’s one of my main goals for July: Read 4 chapters a week.


I stumbled across Wayward Pines, and now am hooked.

Listening to:

This week’s earworm: “For a Dying Man” by Finnegan Bell. I’m also exploring 80s/90s covers. Last week, I heard a cool cover of…something. I was going to look it up, to see who sang it. But we were getting froyo, and my children were being children, and by the time I remembered I was going to look the song up, I’d forgotten which song. So I’m currently going down the rabbit hole of cover songs on Spotify, hoping something sparks my memory. No luck so far, but I have discovered some cool covers, like “Time After Time” by Quietdrive.

Working on:

Aside from the manic employment search, you mean? On deck this week is some mad cleaning. Anya’s room has a musty odor despite the biweekly cleaning service. I’ve done a moldy sippy cup sweep. We had maintenance put mold treatment on the windowsill. And our constant use of the dehumidifier seems to be working in the other rooms, but not hers. Time to pull everything out, wash textiles, wipe surfaces, and scout for mildew. Yay?


The fireworks tonight. Kai was just a baby last year; I can’t wait to see what he makes of them this year.

Making me happy:

Meditation is really helping me power through the rough moments. I am so very glad for the Calm app.


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