A time to scrimp

Time to tighten our belts.

We’re not entering this lean period from zero, but we’re close to it. And even if I get a new job right away (which has never, ever happened to me before), we’re going to go under for a bit.

So we’re cutting corners on an already tight lifestyle. I canceled the cleaning service (my one big indulgence). I’ll be cancelling Hulu and Exist soon, as well. (I won’t really miss Hulu until the fall TV season starts – and I sincerely hope I have a job by then, or I’ll have bigger problems than just missing my shows.)

Netflix will stay; we don’t have cable, so we really can’t do without Netflix. Spotify is also staying, at least for a bit. It makes me so happy. And we don’t get good radio reception in our house; we need music from somewhere. So I will fight to hang on to Spotify.

Our kitchen garden is kind of pathetic, but perhaps we can eke out a few meals from it. And we can start cooking from scratch more, rather than falling back on foodstuff-in-boxes. We already make all of our cleaning products, as I’ve mentioned in the past; not much corner-cutting to be had there.

Unfortunately, we’re entering the summer months. Which means blistering heat. Which means our electric bill will be through the roof. Nothing to be done there, either.

But we’re all healthy. Hopefully that will count for something. I’ll pass on my allergy shots (which I’ve failed to find time to get anyway) and my annual exam. The kids have checkups coming up, but then they should be good for a while.

And summertime means we can stick close to home for fun – there’s the swing set and the sand box and the sprinkler and the kiddie pool. We can cook out rather than eat out. Color, paint, make crafts using supplies we have on hand. Or just stay inside in the AC with the curtains closed and watch Netflix.

My credit will probably not stay good. My savings will likely be depleted. But we’ll make it somehow. We’ve done it before.


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