I have a crush on a house

It’s happening again. I’m sucked in by the curb appeal, the teaser info.

I have a crush on a house.

The price is within my range. The neighborhood is in my top 3.

Bedrooms? Check. Space for a home office? Check. No pool/lake? Check. No acreage? Check.

A newer home, all brick, with a garage, a screened-in back porch, an open floor plan. A new roof. And hydrangeas. As I live and breathe…hydrangeas of my very own.

Keep your Tinder. Redfin, Zillow, Trulia – these are my temptations.

I’m intrigued, yet wary, due to the lack of photographs. All I’ve seen is the exterior front. What if there are orange walls, hunter green counter tops? What if the kitchen is dinky? What if the laundry room is more a laundry closet?

Still, I’m already filling in the details in my mind. Tweaking the landscaping. Arranging furniture. Planning a housewarming party.

I keep visiting the listing, hoping for more info, additional pictures. Something to bring me back down to Earth.

I used to have crushes on guys. Now I have them on houses I’ve met on the internet.


2 thoughts on “I have a crush on a house

  1. I’m guessing things work differently with you, Nicole. Do you get a brochure as a matter of course if you express an interest? Over here that’s standard and invariably it contains a floor plan. Questions re the laundry closet solved! Though not necessarily the fears of the hunter green counter tops! ;-)


    1. In order to express interest here, they want you to be pre-approved for a mortgage. And I most certainly would not be approved given my impending unemployment. ;) So I rely on listings on Redfin, Trulia, and Zillow to look at houses, plus some local realtors’ sites. They’re usually pretty complete, and include at least a few photos. I think the reason this listing doesn’t have photos yet is because they’re going to put a new roof on soon – maybe they want to wait and show the house with the new roof.


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