Mommy-Kai time

So…this concludes Heavy Post Week. I promise a bit more frivolity next week. Or at least a little less deep, dark introspection.

In the meantime, how about a cute Kai story?

Anya is my girl. She is the Rory to my Lorelai. My partner in all things artsy-craftsy. My foodie buddy. But Kai and I tend to be more…in tune with each other. Which is why I relish the time we have alone together. Like last Sunday.

After a lovely morning of napping and watching television (yes, I do that sometimes…just not terribly often), Anya went on over to Mimi and Poppy’s alone. I was going to get Kai and I dressed, then join them. Kai, however, had other plans.

First, he wanted breakfast. And though he’d nursed all morning long, he had quite the appetite. So I settled him in to his high chair with some fruit, some cereal, a granola bar, and some juice.

excited eat.gif

While he ate, I picked up the living room.


Once I had reclaimed the floor, I checked on him. Still eating.


I started up the Roomba. While that was running, I tidied up the kitchen and cleaned out the fridge. Then I tidied up the baby, because he was quite sticky by that point.


He seemed to want to run around the house for a bit. So I shut the doors to the rooms he can’t be in unsupervised (his sister’s room, the bathroom without a toilet lock, my office) and let him run amok while I folded and put away laundry.


I won’t say he didn’t get into stuff he shouldn’t. I finally had to empty the master bathroom trash can because he kept fishing things out of it.


But mostly he just played, and enjoyed his unexpected bout of freedom.

run amok.gif

Which is how I discovered that he can climb onto the bed all by himself. I was nervous at first, but he simply crawled up to the pillows, snuggled in, and watched TV while I finished putting away the laundry.


Know what else he can do? He can climb into the tub all by himself. I took advantage of his willing confinement to fix my hair and put on my makeup.


Then since he was already in there, I gave him a bath. He was still awfully sticky. I think he painted himself in fruit cocktail juice.


Finally, I had us both clean, dry, dressed, and presentable. And I had also managed to get more cleaning done than I had in the entire day Saturday.


Mornings never went that smoothly when Anya was his age. Hell, they don’t go that smoothly now.


Which is why it’s nice, every now and then, to have a morning to ourselves. Or even just a couple of hours.


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