The kudzu is trying to eat me

As I type this, I’m staring down a kudzu vine that grows in the middle of the bushes outside my office window. It’s draped itself like a light blanket over the top of the azaleas, and has thrown out creepers that reach from the windowsill nearly to the top of the window frame. Periodically R cuts it back, but it always returns. When it begins to cover the window like this, it creates a pretty green light in here. Gives the room an arboreal feel. But I also can’t help but feel that I’m being slowly devoured by this determined little vine.

And, of course, one day it will win.


Anya started Blast Ball last week. She played last year, too, and you can definitely see the improvement she’s made since then. Kiddo has athletic grace. Which did not come from me.


Still working on Ove. So far I’m averaging a couple of chapters a week. But it’s not a difficult book, so such a pace works for me.


Started watching Casual. I may tire of it after a while, but for the moment it’s making me giggle.

Listening to:

I’ve been finding a few new favorites amongst the Loquat albums on Spotify.

Working on:

Top secret stuffs. ;) A Father’s Day project. And a few other craft projects with Anya.


Taking the kids back to the drive-in. It’ll be a lot of fun to see what Kai makes of it this year.

Making me happy:

Though she fights it, Anya seems to be enjoying our meditation practice. And it seems to be helping her (and me!) regulate her moods.


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