Balance and blessings

This month’s bootcamp theme is Balance and Blessings. I’m starting June on a high note, and thus have both in my life. My goal is to maintain the balance throughout the month. No more, no less. Ambition can come later.


I’m slowly bringing the kids around to my mindfulness routine. Anya is more willing to meditate with me, and both kids love it when I do Wii Fit yoga. They even do Downward Dog with me. It’s pretty cute.


Haven’t made much progress on Ove, but I did sneak in a chapter or two.


Finally got to see Deadpool. It was even better than I’d hoped it would be.

Listening to:

I am in love with Duncan Sheik’s cover of “The Ghost in You.” It’s all I can do not to listen to it on repeat for 12 hours straight. (Yes, I do that.)

Working on:

I finally got back to my pet jewelry project: Learning to make a wire-wrapped bead chain. It only took me two years. My nails are ragged and my fingertips sore, but it’s so worth it.


Wednesday is my anniversary. We finally get a date night – we’ve not been on a date since Anya was a baby. (Yes, I suck at relationships.) I have a little surprise planned, as well.

Making me happy:

Friday, my mother posted this to her Facebook:

I gave Anya a pack of watermelon gum before we went to the grocery store this morning. She said we needed to buy more because it was so good. She took her gum into the store and offered pieces to random customers and employees. Most graciously accepted her gift; some politely refused, but they all smiled. The generosity of a 4-year-old brightened several people’s day; not the least was mine.

That’s my girl.


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