My lovely, loving girl

The other day, I took the kids for shaved ice. It was a bit chilly for a frozen snack, but since when are kids concerned with things like that? While we were there, a grandfather came up with his three grandkids. The kids were running around, despite him growling at them to stop, until the inevitable happened — one of them fell down. Skinned her knees pretty good on the pavement, too. Anya of course rushed over; she gave the little girl a hug and kiss, and picked up the contents that had spilled from her purse.

No sympathy from her grandfather, though: “Well, that’s what you get. I told you to stop running. Get up, stop crying, and come get your snow cone.”

Damn, man. She’s 6, okay?

I get that it’s frustrating; I’d spent the day repeating myself to both of my children. (Anya in particular was pushing my buttons, like she does. Kai ignores me; Anya looks me in the eye while doing what I just told her not to do.) And it’s even more frustrating when you tell them not to do something because you know they’ll get hurt, and then they get hurt. But still…she was a little kid, hurt and bleeding. Don’t tell her to walk it off.

I could not be more proud of Anya, though. Ornery as she may be, she is a sweet, loving little girl, with a heart bigger than the sky.


Anya’s instinctive generosity. The lady at the shaved ice truck gave the kids snow cones on the house. Anya picked her a flower in return. I love seeing the shocked pleasure on people’s faces when she does stuff like that. She is the change I’d like to see in the world.


I have books! Turns out every book I tried to buy my mother already owns. (Should have seen that coming.) So I am currently working on A Man Called Ove.


Got caught up on Grace & Frankie. What a cute show.

Listening to:

I relented and started playing Anya’s KidzBop in the car. She, in turn, now asks me to sing. Turns out it is not my singing that she objects to, but what I was singing. (She’s still hatin’ on the indie.)

Working on:

Doing a bit more work towards getting Anya’s Etsy shop up and running. (And mine!) Updates to come on


Summer. Mind you, summer is my least favorite season. It’s hot, really hot, for far too long. But we’re talking about making homemade ice cream, trips to the water park, and introducing Kai to the sprinkler. I can’t wait.

Making me happy:

Kai is trying to talk. He already has a few words down: Mama, Dada, Anya. And he’s working on others: boo (as in bies), dat (as in that, so…anything and everything). In addition, he signs milk, up, out, and all done. The other day, he pointed to a bird and said “Buh! Buh!” Yeah, I’ve already been through this with one kid (and with Anya’s speech struggles, it truly is exciting when she masters a word), but it’s no less thrilling when Kai speaks. Discovery never gets old.


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