Don’t panic

Image is not mine; I borrowed it from zenjamin1701. Big, more legible version here. Go look; it’s awesome.

Today I am 42. I can’t tell you the last time I was so excited about a birthday. My 16th, maybe. And that turned out a little less wonderfully than I’d hoped. I got my first kiss, true. From a boy who already had a girlfriend. And to top it off, he drooled up my nose.

This has been the story of my life.

But today. Today I get to be 42. The Answer to the Ultimate Question. And I really kind of feel that I am a little closer to that answer. At least in my own life. Some days, anyway. But that’s more than I can say about the previous 4 decades, so…progress.

How I wish I’d seen this shirt when it was available. Sigh.

Today’s agenda is delightfully booked. Actually, my time through to Monday is pretty much spoken for. Frivolity will ensue. I insist upon it. I have been in desperate need of R&R. So I have queued up some blog posts, and will be absent for a few days. Pics and festivity recap to come next week.


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