Home and hometowns

A few weeks ago, we drove into rural Arkansas to attend my cousin’s baby shower. Anya hasn’t been through downtown Memphis before. Heck, I’ve barely been downtown, and we moved here in 1988. She was in awe of the Memphis bridge – especially on the trip home, when it was all lit up.

It occurred to me that, though I’ve taken great pains to show her where I am from, I have never really showed her where she is from. Regardless of how I feel about it (and I admit my opinion has softened over the years), Memphis is her birthplace. Her hometown. I should take the time to show her everything that’s cool about it while we’re still here. Because as I learned all those years ago, you never know when you’ll have to leave.


Anya’s imitation of the way I talk to her:

“Mommy, come here a minute. I want to talk to you.” She pauses her tablet and pats the cushion next to her. I sit.

“You working too much. I miss you.” She strokes my hair. “I want to be able to call you and you come in here and give me a hug and a kiss and hang out for a minute.”

How could I possibly not comply with that request?


Still work. Though this week, I hope, will be more calm. I’m even thinking of buying a book! I just need to pick one.


Bought a new season of Good Eats. We are learning about things like Tres Leches cake. Where has this stuff been all my life?

Listening to:

Baby Kai and I are still grooving on Chris Pureka. No one else appreciates our musical tastes.

Working on:

Logos and text for my freelancing site, and a logo for Anya’s Etsy store. Plus the work I actually get paid for. Of course.


My birthday! I require cake.

Making me happy:

The unseasonably cool weather we’ve been having. Sure, that means the pollen is still thick as soup, but it’s so pretty out there that I can’t even complain.


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