It’s my month!

Mother’s Day + my birthday = May is my month. This month, I become the answer to life, the universe, and everything. It’s also the month of Towel Day. And the weather is usually nice. May is just an all-around good month for me, and this one looks like it’s going to be even better than most.


That my daughter is worried that she will miss Mother’s Day. She is hard at work on her presents for Mimi. And I hear that she’s made me a card. (I will be shocked if she makes it to Mother’s Day to give it to me. She has that in common with her father.)


Mostly patterns and recipes. It’s been a fruitful few weeks!


Now that my shows are pretty much on hiatus, it’s all Netflix all the time. Mostly Bones and Alton Brown still. I’m contemplating making my own yogurt. Beats driving an hour to Whole Foods just to get the vanilla yogurt I like.

Listening to:

Chris Pureka, Back in the Ring.

Working on:

Artsy crafts projects and artsy craftsy blog entries. (And a blog logo or two.)


My par-tay. I’m settling on a dress and planning decorations and trying to decide between Plain Jane and Prozac for the cake. (It’s not an easy choice, believe me!)

Making me happy:

Random acts of kindness. Our neighbor, a former coworker of R’s, volunteered to mow our grass the other day simply because he was bored. How sweet is that?


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