The tide of motherhood

I’ve noticed that motherhood is like a tide. You start from chaos. I can’t speak to natural childbirth, because I never managed to pull that off; however,  I would imagine that’s chaotic in its own way. For me, motherhood began with an incision in my belly, so I dealt with the basic issues of feeding and sleeping and caring for this completely helpless creature who could not bear to be out of my sight while also caring for a body that had just undergone major abdominal surgery. I looked like this a lot.

Except the carpet is not that clean.

Weeks, months pass, and finally you get to this point.

good mom.gif
It does happen. Some days.

Then you hover between those two states for a while.

hi oh sh.gif
Over and over.

You add work. Now you are caring for a baby, showering, and going to work.

The scarf helps hide your crazy hair.

This goes better some days than others.


After a while, you decide to clean the house.

Clean all the things!

Some days, though, you have to say f-it.


Then cooking. Moms serve healthy, homemade food, right?

Or you order pizza for the third time this week.

The kids get older. Things get easier, and harder, and more complicated, and simpler.

Exhibit A.

But you never have all the plates spinning at once for very long. So just focus on the plates that are working and ignore the rest. They, too, will have their day.


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