April showers bring…May

This weekend was an eventful one, what with planting our new apple tree and going to the (long anticipated, especially since I initially thought it was last weekend) rock show. Now it’s time to look ahead to May. May means Mother’s Day (which I have covered, for the most part), and my birthday.

Cake. May means cake. And this year, I am splurging on a Muddy’s cake, because you don’t turn 42 every year.


Now that my son has fully cut four teeth, he is ready to take on solids. And he’s an adventurous eater, which makes him a joy to cook for. I’m soaking it up before he morphs into a picky eater like his sister.


Still work, mostly. Also some instructions for craft project ideas on Pinterest (see below).


Alton Brown is giving me some delicious ideas for dinner. Recipes are fine, but I can do much more with techniques.

Listening to:

Alternating between Breaking Benjamin and Ingram Hill, depending upon which child is complaining the most.

Working on:

Last week was a week of overtime and stress. And I realized that part of where my evenings fall apart is in the preparation of dinner. So I am trying to amass a collection of dinner ideas that can be at least partially prepared ahead. I made a double batch of quinoa veggie bites the other night and froze half for baking later on. And Alton Brown has a recipe for butternut squash dumplings that looks absolutely delicious.


Anya and I are plotting some craft projects that will hopefully yield some things we can sell on Etsy. I told her that any money she makes from the sale of these items is hers. Because a lemonade stand would not make us much money in this neighborhood.

Making me happy:

When my daughter tells me I am her best friend. <3


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