Much more useful than a new shirt

This past weekend I wanted to go to Penney’s to look for some clothes, because they were having a big sale and I need new shirts. I don’t do the two-shirt nursing method; I live in the South and it’s bloody hot, so I just wear really stretchy v-necks. Well, I lost a couple of pounds recently – entirely from my chest, it would appear – and now my big ugly grandmawear nursing bras hang out of my current v-necks. Buy one, get one for a penny would certainly come in handy in replacing my summer shirts on my current budget.

The problem is, we forgot the stroller. So I was trying to shop while carrying Kai and my purse, which is actually a backpack filled with about 20 lbs of baby gear. Disaster. Then Mom took Kai, but I could not relax enough to focus on shopping because I could hear Kai and Anya giving Mom a hard time. And the lines were so long; no way could I get the kids to hang tight while I paid for anything. So we just left.

We tried again at Kohl’s and Target, but if their clothes fit me, I’d have new clothes already. Also, Kai is suddenly having tantrums (why? I thought I had another year before those arrived!), and I got so frustrated trying to get him to cooperate that I just gave up.

I tried looking at clothes online when I got home, and even filled my cart on Penney’s website. But ultimately I didn’t buy the things in it because I don’t know if they’ll fit or if they’re suitable for nursing, and returning things that don’t work would be no less a pain in the ass than shopping there today was.

Then I had an idea. Instead of stewing over my inability to find clothes that fit and that I feel attractive in, I should quit my grousing and be grateful that I have so little to worry about. So I made a Kiva microloan instead. To a woman who needs to repair her house to deal with a humidity issue that’s making her kids sick. (You know I can relate to that!)

Really put my problems into perspective.

I think I will do that from now on: When I start to feel bad about my current situation, I will help someone else. My postpartum bod is temporary, but good is forever.


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