Food, glorious food

My mouth has been less sore, so I’ve been obsessed with food (a week of soggy cereal and soup will do that to ya). I’ve had a pretty heavy freelancing load this week, but I’ve been working on taking care of myself, so I’ve been trying to carve out time for food and rest. Well, food, anyway. I’ve been working on taking the time to search for and try new recipes. (Well, except for last Wednesday; last Wednesday I had jelly butter toast and popcorn for dinner. It happens.)


Seeking out recipes that celebrate vegetables. I stumbled across a blog that posits the notion that vegetarian food should not seek to compensate for their lack of meat but instead work to showcase the vegetables. Yes. That’s exactly the sort of food I want to eat.


Recipes, and work.


Still working my way through Bones. I find the sudden Bones+Booth relationship somewhat contrived, but am enjoying the realistic postpartum mombod.

Also exploring our new Alton Brown episodes. I really am thinking I may buy all 14 seasons.

Listening to:

Still Ingram Hill. I’m in a rather Memphis mood of late, and they just say Memphis to me.

Working on:

Well, my recipe box, obvs. But also putting in some effort on the house. I brought some order to Anya’s room; I’m hoping to get that finished up soon so I can start on the office. And then the garage could use a thorough vetting.


There’s a rock show this coming weekend that I want to take the kids to. Kai is a bit too young to care much for rocks, but Anya is every bit as obsessed with them as I am. Plus, my jewelry mentor will be there. Very much looking forward to this! I just wish I could take some of the classes. Next year, maybe.

Also Earth Day. We are gonna plant a tree!

Making me happy:

That we finally all feel (mostly) better in time to enjoy spring.


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