Say cheese

I get great candid photos of my kids. Occasionally they are even in focus. The problem is those “special” photos – kid with cake, kid in costume with candy bucket, kid with Christmas tree, kid with creepy anthropomorphic bunny rabbit, entire family in nice (clean! unripped!) clothes. You just have to have them. Just as my mother took them of me, and probably her mother of her. It’s part of being a mom. Entrenched in the genetic code.

And they never, ever turn out right, do they?

I thought it was bad with one kid, but now I have two. I don’t know how parents of 3 or more children do it, honestly. Do you just take separate photos of everyone and Photoshop them together? Seriously…family photos seem like some sort of magic act to me now.

Take this past Easter, for example.

Before Kai was born, when we took Anya for photos like this, we’d get 2-3 derpy pics and one cute one. It took two rounds of 14 photos (each!) to get one decent pic of Anya and Kai together. When I was a kid, you got one single Polaroid. How any of those turned out good is beyond me. But you just did it. It was tradition.

Now they sell special frames so you can display these photos year round. My mom, on the other hand, just stuck the Polaroids in the family photo album. I’ll eventually get around to starting one of those, I guess.

That’s tradition, too.


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