Because dinner should be a treat

On my counter is the dregs of the last batch of cupcakes I baked. They’re stale now, and I will throw them out later. Most of this batch went uneaten, because I was in pain and therefore unable to eat them. Anya loves the idea of cupcakes, but all she does is nibble at the icing. Kai loves cupcakes, but he only eats about half of them; the rest goes on the floor or in his hair. R’s isn’t big on cake. So this batch basically went to waste.

I’ve decided I need to put more emphasis on food and less on treats. The only thing I’ve baked in the past month that we ate most of without help from my parents was banana bread. (Okay, the kids ate it all. The mere smell of bananas triggers my gag reflex.) So obviously sweets are not quite the treat I thought they were.

But I still want to make treats. I want to be that kind of mom. And I think I’ve figured out a way to do just that.

I discovered, in my search for a vegetarian chili that doesn’t involve fake meat or cauliflower as a main ingredient (cauliflower is tasty, but dangerous when combined with two cans of kidney beans), a website that treats vegetarian cooking as a celebration of vegetables rather than a magic act trying to recreate meat or compensate for the lack thereof. While I have over time developed moral reasons for being a vegetarian, at heart I became one because I like vegetables and hate meat – so this concept is right up my alley.

I’m currently working on a selection of new recipes that I think the kids would like. One by one, I’m going to try them, and add the keepers to the Rolodex O’Flavor (ie, my recipe box). Then we can have treats that are actually good for us. Yes.


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