Buds abound

All around me are signs of spring. Well, the pollen showers, obviously. But also tender green leaves and flower buds on the azaleas and tiny blushing cherries on R’s tree. The sun is shining and the breezes are warmer and it’s all I can do sometimes to stay inside. But my sinuses insist, at least for now. Maybe I should buy a mask.


One thing that my nasty bout of dental work accomplished was breaking the sugar binge cycle I was in. I couldn’t eat much of anything for several days, so I was unable to indulge in my guilty pleasures. And once you remove the stimulus, the cravings soon fade. Which means I haven’t been sneaking candy and cupcakes in the afternoon. I am feeling so much better for it, too. Now if I can just keep up the healthy eating as I recover, I’ll be in pretty good shape.


I am really, really starting to miss reading. So much so that I think I may try to read a book sometime soon. Actual books might be a bit too much, given Kai’s sudden and overwhelming separation anxiety, but I could read a Kindle book on my phone. I just have to decide which one.


Bones still. I am up to season 5 now. There is something so comforting, after that mother of a cliffhanger TWD left us with last week, in knowing that I can binge-watch (and, if I were to get really anxious, look up plot points on Wikipedia) and there will be no cliffhangers for a long, long time.

Listening to:

I’ve been in a very Ingram Hill mood as of late.

Working on:

Work again. Though I hope to have some kitchen garden updates soon; the peas in particular are really taking off. Which, given how frequently we eat peas around here, is definitely a good thing.


Strawberry picking! Just as soon as the field’s open for visitors, I’m planning a trip with the kids.

Making me happy:

An unexpected side effect of Kai’s separation anxiety is that he has been extremely affectionate lately – cuddly and kissy and sweet. Love it.


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