The problem with conversational writing

I have not been writing on my book. Any of them. But I have been blogging regularly, mostly as writing practice. And it’s helping in that I’ve discovered certain verbal tics that come out when I write like I speak.

  • My abuse of the word “actually.” I can actually use the word “actually” in nearly every sentence I write. It’s actually my “literally.”literally.gif
  • Hopping onto linguistic bandwagons. Like saying everything is “fabulous” or “amazing” or “awesome” when it’s actually “beautiful” or “delicious” or “soft.” It’s not really a bad thing to do this, but it’s imprecise, and also dates my writing. (And did you see that “actually” slip in there? I swear.)amazing.gif
  • And starting sentences with “and.” It’s fine once in a while, but over the course of a long blog post it starts to feel choppy. And also makes it seem like I cannot complete one thought and start another. Which makes me sound about as¬†intelligent as, well…and then.gif

I’m sure I have other verbal tics, but these jump out at me. And if they jump out at me, I’m sure they grate the nerves of my readers. So I’m glad I’m writing more – I can actually feel my writing getting better as I go. Which is awesome.


I can’t help myself, really.

no criticism.gif

It’s a process.


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